Friday, September 7, 2012

WOMB Healing Circle 2012

Natural Vibes & Gemineye Creations Present WOMB Healing Circle 2012. This event will be an event dedicated toward healing the wombman and her connection to the most high and herself. We will be putting together an array of products, music, activities, and refreshments that will not only tantalize the senses but heal the spirit. So join us Saturday Sept. 29th 2012 @6pm on 702 Main St Brockton, Ma *Back Entrance* For ticket information contact Queen Tae (508) 577-0395 or follow her on twitter @taequeen 

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Womanifesto Winner Cezanne Poetess

Congratulations to our Womanifesto Winner Cezanne Poetess! She has won the opportunity for her  poem will be featured on the Conversations With The Queen & The Queendom Post blog sites! She will also get the chance to spit her poem live on Conversations With The Queen and receive a free pair of Angel Wings Earrings! 
The Preparation 

As you walk in, 
I can feel your passion rising. 
But you’re not ready for me, 
See, you’re still carrying the negative energy 
You picked up along the way during your day, 
So let me run you a bath 
And help you wash all your troubles away. 
Leave behind all the pressures of life 
The worries and strife 
The drama, the bills 
And enter if you will, into my Queendom 
A safe haven 
A place of mental freedom 
Feel my energy, 
Come, lay your head on my chest 
Feel my breath as I whisper sweet words of love in your ears 
Ease your fears, 
Let me stroke your face, 
Erase the tension, 
Let me massage away the stresses of the day 
Relax, enjoy 
Let your Self go 
Think of nothing, 
Not even me 
Let the aromatherapy soothe your mind, spirit, soul and body 
Allow it take over all your senses 
Let your mind be free 
Hmmm...there you go 
NOW you’re ready for me!
Touch me, and now I want you to
Touch me, you know it’s only you
Who can make me feel the way you do
So touch me and make my dreams come true.
You’re my Sun, I’m your Moon
Ooooh, there’s nothing more I love to do
Than to share my energy with you
‘Cause you give it back to me so good!
(Oh baby, you make me wanna sing with this sweet sweet loving you’re giving!)
So touch me
Lay your kisses on me and
Touch me all over my body baby
‘Cause when you’re touching me your love for me I feel
So touch me and let me feel your energy
(Yeah, right there baby...)
Cezanne (visual & spoken word artist/author)
Follow her on Twitter:!/CezannePoetess
For products featuring her artwork and poetry:
Listen to her poetry/songs:
FB: Cezanne Poetess

Thursday, May 17, 2012

R.I.P. Donna Summer

LaDonna Adrian Gaines (Donna Summer) was born in Boston, Ma on December 31, 1948. Her love for music and performing shown through, even in the early years of her life. She was musically influenced by such powerful houses as Mahalia Jackson. Later on she began to imitate the sounds of Motown coming up with a "supreme-like" sound with her sister and cousin in her home town performances.

 She began her career as a character in the musical Hair in Germany. After being featured in a couple more european musicals, in 1973 she began performing in the group  FamilyTree.  "The Queen of Disco's" first album, Lady Of The Night, was not an american release although it found small success on the European circuit Later in 1975 she released the better known single "Love to Love You Baby" Which found success in the UK, reaching the Top 5. In 1976 it reached #2 in the Billboard Hot 100. She is most memorably known for her hits "I Feel Love","Heaven Knows", "Last Dance", and in the 80's "She Works Hard For Her Money." 

This musical Diva was known for her powerful vocals and memorable lyrics. Donna defiantly has influenced many of the female pop singers of today. Her contributions to the genres of Disco and Pop made her a legend and a Queen in her own right.

On Thursday May 17, 2012, Summer died at her home in Key West, Florida after a long battle with lung cancer. With open and hearts and prayerful minds we hope that her name and spirit may rest in peace. 

Jill Scott Inspired Womanifesto Contest!

The goddess Jill Scott has always been known for being a bold and brilliant songstress, as well as power house poet. Her courageous lyrics come in many vibrations from sensual to politically aware. One of her trade mark messages is the empowerment of true femininity. She exemplifies what it means to be a sexy sassy real womb-man who has most defiantly made her mark on this world. Please check out her fabulous interview and spoken word piece below and watch Jill manifest her Queendom!

Write your own "womanifesto" A womanifesto is a

poem dedicated to proclaiming the divinity of your 

womanhood. Send your womanifesto entry into for the chance to be published 

on The Queendom Post and Conversations With The 

Queen blog, spit your poem live on Conversations 

With The Queen, and receive a free pair of Angel 

Wings Earrings! Contest ENDS JULY 11TH @11:59 PM 


Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Queendom Presents: Healing From Sexual Abuse

On Monday April 30,2012 @9pm est Conversations With The Queen will be doing a special show dedicated toward creating awareness, prevention, and healing from sexual abuse. We will be featuring a panel of experts on the topic that will be addressing this important issue. It is time that we speak up and speak out about the psychological, physical, and spiritual damage created by sexual abuse. No more silence! IT IS TIME TO HEAL!
To reach out and get more information on this event like our fan page you can also email us on The call in number is 1917 932 8881 or you can listen to the live stream via

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Queendom Presents: Nova Kafele (Burch) and Nu Kmt Spiritual Learning Center

Nova Burch is a MTHR of 3, founder of NU KMT SPIRITual Learning Center. Which is a home home schooling experience. When asked where her passion from homeschooling came from she replied, "My passion for homeschooling is so strong! The reason for this is because I am able to feed my Children what the SPIRIT and the ANKHestors guide me to enabling them to have a strong foundation in who they all which will all support their life journey and purpose."

When she was asked how homeschooling had benefited her personally? She answered, "Homeschooling has benefited me personally because I can be home or anywhere with my Children and teach. I don't have to worry about anyone manipulating my children's MINDS or causing them any harm. They also eat well, get all my hugs, discipline, and nurturing all day everyday! I also learn much from them, they help me make major decisions in Our Family's direction. They are my TRUTH!"

So I'm sure your interested in knowing what Nu Kemet Spiritual Learning center is and how it is different from any other homeschooling curriculum? "NU KMT is a online, unschooling learning management system which covers course study from a SOURCE or ANKHcient Khemetic perspective. Which enables students to be assured in right and supreme knowledge concerning ma'ath, lANKHuage, cosmogony, nunology, health, physiology, KMTstry and more. We also feature MIND, CONCENTRATION and FOCUS activities for Our Students. We often emphasize that the importance of NU KMT is to organize all homeschooling families and support this modality of learning and culture. So that our own learning centers/orders may be built and be accessible physically everywhere." Nova Kafele (Burch) is a passionate, driven, and wonderful model of what a strong Queen can accomplish when she puts her mind to it. In order for us to establish culture, morality, and security for our children we must begin to take their education into our own hands. With our support we can all dream Nu Kmt's dream together and secure a bright future for young black/original/african/melanated children every where. Nova can be reached at and all who are interested should contact her BEFORE registering for the site. Link
LinkYou can listen to the show Nova nd Queen Tae did by Clicking Here Nu Kmt CWTQ
If you or any one you know is interested in being featured on The Queendom Post email us at or on and Don't forget to check our "Conversations With The Queen" Every monday night at 9pm EST

Friday, March 16, 2012

Iz-Real The Poet on Conversations With The Queen

On Monday 3/19/12 "Conversations With The Queen" will be having Iz-Real The Poet on as our special guest. We will be discussing his career and the wonderful and exciting projects he has put together including "The Queendom" and his latest album Chocolate Covered Orgasms. Be sure to tune in on Monday @9pm Est. You can listen in through the phone by calling 1(917) 932-8881 or you can tune in via our live stream on Poetic Energy Network Station. Hope to see you there!